The ways we cope with uncertainty and absurdity are central to my practice.  I work sculpturally, combining materials with languages of articulation (maps, architectural models, symbols, myths, traditions) to build relationships that explore instability. The connection between rigidity and fragility, whether in a declaration of Truth or within a material form, is a principal examination within these considerations. Working with structures, both tangible and conceptual, allows for properties such as brittleness, flexibility, weight, tension, balance, etcetera to operate both physically and metaphorically in the work. 

I find it helpful to think about the space I inhabit on the timeline of the known universe. Utilizing references to landscape and architecture allows me to consider my timeline in relationship to the vastness of Time, while acknowledging the necessary importance of my day-to-day phenomenal reality.

The ephemeral qualities in the work follow from my considerations on entering and passing. The duration of the installation process of the loose sand pieces and their inevitable end, provides me a reoccurring space for meditating on consciousness and inevitability. All of which impact my view of what I think to be true or meaningful.

Memory and the process of meaning-making, both within my conscious and subconscious mind, has become increasingly important in the work since I've had two children. How their memories develop and how this turns into selfhood, how this will map onto the world they'll grow up in, and what is happening behind the scenes in their subconscious is all rich fuel for my work right now.